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R10 Hair Products

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I use my own product line called R10 by RNSALON.
These hair products are professionally created to meet the high standards of my salon.

Perms & Chemical Treatments

Reshia's Studio Offers Perm & Chemical Treatment Services

Reshia's Studio provides professional hair services including Permanent Waves & Chemical Treatments.  Although permanent waving is not as popular now as it was in the 80's and 90's, I still have clients that prefer permanent waving.  From the elderly to the young there are various reasons why we perm our hair.

What I tell my guests is simply this- if what you are after in a perm is texture (because any chemical treatment will add texture to the hair i.e. a little damage) then what you need is a color.  Or are you looking for curl?  If so, then you want is a perm.

The trend these days is not so much a big poofy curl to the hair like we did in the early 90's but rather big trusses to the hair.  What I will do when a client inquires about this look is to show them how to achieve it with product and a curling iron, because to achieve this look by perming the hair means the hair ends up having to be curlier than the client wants.

If I were to perm their hair to achieve the look it would most likely go flat within a month, depending on thickness and texture of the hair, therefore giving the hair unnecessary damage.  Coloring the hair gives the texture the hair needs to allow curl from a curling iron or rollers to stay.

So what is all this texture talk?  Briefly each strand of hair has cuticles on it's shaft and they lay like shingles on a roof.  When the hair is what we call "virgin" hair it is hair that has not been touched by any chemical service, therefore the shingles lay flat and in most cases guests have a hard time getting any volume in their hair unless there is some natural wave.

When the hair is slightly damaged, i.e. a color or body wave, the cuticles on the hair shaft are slightly raised, therefore giving the hair a little volume or texture.  If you have ever seen your ends broken or white on the ends that means the cuticles on your hair shaft are completely straight out.  This means your hair is damaged, or some people may refer to its condition as "fried".

When that happens, there are times that professional products such as shampoo, conditioners, or deep conditioning treatments may help, but most likely the damaged hair will need to be cut off.  My job is to prevent that from happening, so our consultation will be up front and honest.  I do refuse the right to not perform a service on any guest of mine that would further damage their hair.